These are dangerous times. That statement, I am certain, is not hyperbolic. Every day, Trump initiates new abominations. Every day, he reveals his authoritarian tendencies – pronouncing new restrictions, threatening to clamp down on inherent freedoms. Every day, he tweets indiscriminately and recklessly, issuing incoherent and contradictory edicts while insulting friends and foes alike.

We can no longer afford to be apathetic.

We must be seen.

We must be heard.

We must be counted.

The resistance is real. We saw it in the YUGE numbers who marched in the #WomensMarch across the country and around the globe. To build on the momentum of the marches and to maintain the movement, the Women’s March is putting together 10 Actions for the First 100 Days. If you marched in DC or any of the sister marches, or if you participated vicariously to support the efforts of the movement, please join in now! Mail your postcards! Call your elected officials! Let your voice be heard!

Marching on Washington was important, and future marches will be just as important, but we must remember that all politics is local. So, an effective way to get involved to create change is to strategically target your locally elected officials. Former congressional staffers have compiled a guide to help you do this: Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. The guide details various opportunities to effect change – from organizing a local group to attending a town hall to arranging sit-ins to making mass calls – with step-by-step instructions and advice on how to achieve the ultimate goal – of being seen, of being heard, of being counted.

Download the guide. Register online at to find a local group. Join the group and ACT!

We can no longer be invisible.

We must #StandIndivisible.