I posted this in March on Facebook:

This is a pic of Rep Tim Ryan who I met 2 years ago at Washington DC when I was an advocate for ALS legislation. He embodies everything a Congressman should be…he works for his constituents…he texts me almost every week just to see if I’m okay. I just want this Valley to know that our Congressman is not just a good rep. He is a good man, and we should be proud.
ALS has taken a toll on me: I am severely disabled now…can’t walk or use my arms. Many people when I go out in public don’t know what to make of me. I can’t wave or shake hands. And it is very hard for me to see looks of pity and even maybe disgust from people. I hate going in public…HATE IT.
Rep Tim Ryan could’ve ignored me, but he didn’t. After I met him, he could’ve forgotten about ALS and me, but he didn’t. He is actually one of the few people besides my family and close friends who looks past my disability and sees me. He hugs me without hesitation; he talks to me like a regular person not someone to be pitied…and I KNOW he would never make fun of me or anyone else with a disability. I believe we need more compassion in our discourse which right now I think is severely lacking.

Let’s have the tough conversation…the Dems let this one get away. There are many factors why…but to be honest, Hillary killed on the coasts but lost our blue wall. The House and our State Legislatures have been decimated. We need new leadership that is loud, that goes back to Democratic issues which are good jobs, health care, having our kids do better than we did. Hillary had the right plans with the wrong message in my humble opinion. In every speech he gave, Rep. Tim Ryan described his frustration working with a “do nothing” Congress. A Congress that was obstructionist to every idea that  would help middle America like much needed infrastructure, clean energy jobs, VA funding. If people knew the true extent of obstruction, I think the results would’ve been different.

Eight years ago we were on the cusp of total economic collapse. Who saved the auto industry? Who saved the economy ? It was the Democrats. Not that anyone remembers…and why is that?

So Republicans have their shot, and what is the first thing they want to do? Drastic tax cuts for the  rich…end of Medicare and SS…how does this help middle America?

Nancy Pelosi was great for the time… but we are in a new era. We need gritty, inspirational, new voices that will win the House back. We need someone who can bring the Democratic message everywhere from the Midwest to the South. From the inner cities to rural areas. That voice is Tim Ryan.