Pic of my daughter Emma, my sister, my dad, and Hillary

No, I’m not going to write a long, dried out argument against  the electoral college (although antiquated). Nor am I going to rail against Trump or Trump supporters (he made a lot of big promises to that big blue wall and I guarantee if he tries to cut Medicare,Medicaid, and Social Security like Republicans want to, that blue wall will crush him and Republicans will pay for it). I wasn’t one of those people who voted against Trump…I voted FOR Hillary. I was a believer. And I  shamelessly was devastated when she lost. I was angry and furious with how the election turned out. I would even go as far as feeling betrayed. It got to the point where I had to step back and I ask myself why am I so upset about this election? Hillary will be fine: the woman’s made of steel.  Hopefully, the country will wake up and start holding Donald Trump responsible for his actions. America is made of stronger stuff, so why after a week was I still devastated? And the answers is this… I feel like Hillary represented me.

I followed Hillary Clinton for 30 years.  I know her history and know what she’s done and what she’s accomplished, and I know she got a raw deal. The right created a caricature of her that was absolutely bogus. Hearing after hearing for a tragedy out of her control. A faux email scandal which was laughable because frankly she’s the only one that didn’t get hacked by a foreign government. It boggles the mind, really.

Hillary was always the smartest in the class. She always did her homework. She was the nerd who was going out with the cool guy who everyone loved. When she was First Lady, they tore her to shreds from her personal life to her fight to get everyone health insurance. She was a working mom before working moms were cool. For 30 years she dedicated her life to public service. But she always fought for what she thought was right. She stood in front of China and declared human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights were human rights when China at the time was forcing women to get abortions. She fought to insure millions of children. She fought for people who have disabilities; she fought for single mothers; she fought for the poor; she fought against discrimination. She fought for unions. Hillary always fought for the underdog. ..She represented me!

My experience with Hillary is that I got to meet her twice through my awesome Congressman Tim Ryan. I am no big donor…ALS has tapped us dry, but she met with me, talked to me about teaching, and how she had plans to invest in neurological diseases. She was warm and gracious. The second time I met her was at a rally, and she yelled out, “you’re  my teacher!” She found worth in me. And believe me, most days I feel worthless. She took a picture with my daughter and gave her words of encouragement. My point is, she is a flat out good person. And that got lost somewhere…

But even though this woman lost this election, she gave a speech to the Children’s Defense Fund and said, “keep fighting for what is right.” And I will…until my dying breath.

Thank you Hillary Clinton for putting yourself through hell and making it possible for little girls to believe they can be President.