Trumpers, you’ve been conned.

Donald Trump never wanted to be president. He wanted to stroke his bigly, beautiful ego. After all, people – all kinds of people – kept telling him how bigly and how beautiful his ego was. Bigly. Beautiful. The best ego. Ever. Really and truly. He wanted to bask in the adulation of the crowds at his rallies. So he did what he could to stoke those crowds: he proclaimed himself a straight-shooter, one who tells it like it is, one who understands them, one who is on their side. Cue the wild cheers from the frenzied crowds: Trump! Trump! Trump! Build that wall! Trump that bitch! Lock her up!

Well, Trumpers, you’ve been conned.

Now, reports even indicate that he doesn’t want to live full-time in the White House and that he still wants to hold campaign-style rallies even though the campaign is over. Sure, let’s continue to hold rallies to S-T-R-O-K-E his ego.

Trumpers, you’ve been conned.

It’s not about you. It has never been about you. It’s about him. Period.

“Believe me!” 

Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and he’s already backtracking on his campaign promises. Google it – “Trump backtracking” – and you’ll find headlines from around the world lambasting him for already walking back much of what he promised. So much for “telling it like it is,” so much for “straight-shooting.” Right. All he did was tickle the ears of those who heard what they wanted to hear.

Trumpers, you’ve been conned.

Trump’s favorite phrase – “Believe me!” – was a siren song, and now those who succumbed to his call are going to be lashed against the rocks.

Suckers – there’s one born every minute. Yep.